Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My mom (Lynda) reminded me recently that even though the trees look dead during the Winter months there is something happening below the surface that we can't see. The flowers in Spring are its testimony.

A few days after she told me this, while walking Caramelo through an empty parking lot I saw a tree with a broken branch laying on the ground. When I approached I was surprised that there were buds on the branch and sad that they would probably be thrown into a garbage can somewhere--what a waste. So I broke off a few branches, took some to Rachel and put some in our house. I didn't really expect them to bloom, but I thought the branches with buds were pretty enough. After a little over a week they're actually starting to open up! Just when I was about to give up. Japanese cherry blossoms no less.

I guess this is a good reminder, for those of us who feel like we're living in a bit of a Winter, maybe it will last a little longer than a few months, but something is happening deep below the surface.