Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring is definitely here

I know you think we're still in Chicago, but we're not. The end of our road trip will be posted, but you'll have to wait for the dramatic plot twist a little longer.

I just wanted to write a quick update and hello to everyone.

Spring has definitely sprung here. I don't think I've every appreciated Spring as much as I have this year. To see bare trees suddenly bloom into magnificent cotton candy pink and then the world around you become green is just amazing! The cherry blossoms in DC are really beautiful and worth the trip.

On another note, congratulations are in order to several people we know. Spring has brought little babies to the Cockrofts, the Delgados and the Hopkins! Send us pictures. (If you haven't received our gift, there's one coming shortly.)

AND, we are very very excited that we will soon have a new niece or nephew! Congratulations to Libby and Victor! I can't wait to hold your little one.

Spring is definitely a great time of the year--it's even better with a little antihistamine.