Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yes, I cut my hair!
Before - you've seen it.



So much lighter.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feeling Needed

I think that one of the things I look forward to most about being a parent is the sense of truly feeling needed by another living being. (No, to the obvious question.)

I know that the pets need us, to open the door, walk them, feed them, etc., but I don't usually feel an emotional need and I don't expect it either. Tonight was different though. There was a thunder storm outside and I was home alone with the pets. I didn't notice the cats reacting, but with each clap of thunder Caramelo came closer to my chair where I was sewing. He laid against it for a minute, but seeing his bed two feet away he got up to go to it. Then it thundered again and he came back to my chair. At this point, I moved his bed closer to me, but that wasn't enough for Caramelo--he put his paws on my knees asked to sit on my lap. I brought him up and with each clap he pushed himself closer against me.

I needed to get up for a minute and when I stood up he clamped onto my arm with his paw. This seems so silly as I write it, but it's what happened. What I found myself doing next is the silliest part--I made a sling and put him in it while I walked around the house. I couldn't help but laugh and I knew I had to take a picture.

Ahh, the sling, something else I can't wait for about motherhood. I think he liked it.