Monday, September 22, 2008

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

I know it was a while ago, but I just wanted to post some pictures from our FUN, spontaneous trip up to Montreal over Fourth of July weekend (for which we were told that we were unpatriotic at the border.)

In truth, we heard very little music, in the sitting/standing at a concert and hearing a full set, sort of way. We just had a really awesome time with great background music all most all the time.
Entering Montreal
Old friends, and new ones

Juan and Amine are so happy to see each other they can't even hold still long enough for me to take a picture!

Tourist Attractions, they must be good if they attract people!

A nice hike with Caramelo up Mount Royal

l’Oratoire Saint-Joseph

Parc Olympique

Check back for some amazing shots of the delicious food we ate, your mouth will water.

Too Much Sarah Palin

I was debating all the way home about what to title this post:
1. Sarah Palin, dreams, poems, bumper stickers and bus conversations (too long), or

2. Sarah Palin, get out of my dreams and into my... (didn't quite work)

Anyway, I about fell over laughing today when I read Kim's blog with her Sarah Palin poems. Then I was really shocked that she had dreamt about Palin too. Pretty funny.

I dreamt that I was riding a motorcycle up a dessert mountain to a small town where we were going to a party and offered her a ride. But, I only told her when I got to the top that I hadn't ever ridden a motorcycle before and she asked if I was trying to kill her. In my dream she did strike me as being pretty friendly too.

Then it all made sense. Just as I sat down to write this I came across this article about a new study showing the affects of smell on dreams. It must be their new campaign tactic; I mean I never dreamt about Obama while listening to either of his books even though he was reading them himself.

My friend Molly made this great bumper sticker! The statement comes from an interview with someone from Sojourners.

And... here's what I overheard on the bus today. "Tina Fey does a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin does."

Road Trip: Destination City...sort of

the end

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Road Trip - Day 5: Bye, Bye Chicago

It's been a year since we took this trip! I can't believe it. And, it was our inspiration for setting up with blog. Well, you all know how successful we've been at that...

Anyway, here are some pictures from our fifth day on the road.

The kitties (Bollito and Cookie) were champs. The trip started out a little rough for them, but by this point they were no longer peeing in their cages and were checking out each hotel room when we stopped for the night.

Caramelo road up front with us. He's a great travelor.

Here's Juan, and the plants. Some of them ended up better than others. Let's not talk about the kumquat.

Leaving Chicago.
Into Indiana.

We saw A LOT of corn on our trip.

Oops, just missed the Pennsylvania sign.

Our last night in a hotel, someplace in PA. (I can't remember where, it's been a year).