Sunday, February 24, 2008

Four girls and a diaper bag

(Written Sunday 2/24/08) I just returned a couple hours ago from Rachel's house after a weekend that truly refreshed my soul.

It all begins with my decision to make a diaper bag for an upcoming baby gift. These last few months I've spent A LOT of time browsing the Internet for sewing ideas and repeatedly came across the same diaper bag pattern by Amy Butler. So, last week I bought the fabric and ordered the pattern in order to take advantage of the President's Day sales. I was so excited to get going on the project, but had one thing holding me back--I don't have my sewing machine right now. (My sewing machine has been in California getting a spa treatment, after a stressful holiday season, and won't be back home until mid-March.) That was OK, since the baby's not due until the following month.

BUT, then I found out that there is an Amy Butler Inspired bag contest ending February 29 and I really wanted to enter my bag. What to do? Graciously, Rachel's roommate, Alice, offered to let me use her sewing machine over the weekend.

To prepare I spent Thursday and Friday evenings pre-washing, cutting and appliqueing. And Saturday we headed up to visit Rachel.

This is when the weekend really got wonderful. First, there was a nice visit from Katie, Indian pizza, and then I commenced to sew without stopping until the early hours of the morning (Juan gave up and came home around 8pm). I truly believe I had a red tent experience. Spending the evening talking with Alice about birth, babies and sewing while she worked on her own bag, and singing and laughing with Rachel while she made cards was so wonderful. Imagery at 2:30 am of birthing a bag while pulling the whole thing through a 4 inch hole will surely lead to hysterical, belly aching laughter. At 4:30 am the bag was finished!

The morning was no less wonderful. A yummy breakfast, coffee, and a short walk. And then a visit from Christy to photograph the bag and share storied over more coffee. The pictures came out so fun, but the company was even better. (see some of her other work here).
After Rachel was so nice to drive the hour drive to get me home I realized how refreshed and ready to face the world I felt. Spending time with other women, learning from one another, laughing and giving your time and talents to one another was the best prize I could ever win. Despite our many advances in life I believe that in our hectic, integrated world ancient traditions should sometimes be revisited. No, I don't believe that women should be hidden and segregated once a month with the new moon, but I do think that there are times that a weekend of spending quality time with other women is just what we need to come back to this world and thrive. Thank you ladies, let's do it again.