Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Dawn

My birthday began this year with a beautiful sunrise that became an omen for the day. With the call of a new morning, the Chicago skyline emerged, at first unnoticeable, but then more apparent as the softness of the clouds across lake Michigan brought to evidence the rigid structures of men.

Later that day, I met Suhail, Evgeni and their families for dinner. It had been a while since I last saw them all. Now, Noor is a 1st grader, Deni and Nadine are 4 years old, and little Eli is a strong 18 months toddler. Their personalities and temperaments come to surface as they keep themselves busy with games while the grown ups talk, eat, laugh, but still watch them with the corner of our eyes play. It is hard to believe that Rita and I will be joining the club of parenthood this year.

The journey as been good so far, and I am blessed for having crossed paths with these two extraordinary friends ...and dads.

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year's in Chicago

This New Year we had the fortune of connecting with my sister Nancy and her lovely family in Chicago. Here is Josue, with his sleek hat in a striking pose. On the background one can see the ornate ceiling of the Shed Aquarium. I gave my camera to Josue. He shot a few pictures here and there. When he came back, we previewed the pictures together and found this candid shot of a mother with her two kids. "Did you ask to pose this family for you", I asked Josue. "Yeah", he replied in his usual debonair tone. As we continued our tour of the galleries, I noticed some familiar faces. In front of me, was a poster of the family that was perfectly framed by Josue with the camera...the poster was advertising a picture service for the patrons of the Shed. Josue's photographic skills sure fooled me.
From left to right: Nancy Sr., Nancy Jr. Rita, Sofia, and inside Rita's jacket baby Lucia.
Here are the Reed-Maldonado's posing in front of a gorgeous mosaic at Marshall Fields, where we had lunch at the Walnut Room.
Josue found a lovely young lady with whom to practice some waltz steps...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Bollito is the big brother in this family. When we first got the cats we would often find him cleaning Cookie and recently I saw him grooming Caramelo. It's true that he can be a little impatient and pushes the others out of the way, but what big brother doesn't. We fully expect him to be this way with the baby too. This is where he was last night as we caught up on the last Project Runway.