Monday, February 15, 2010


As everyone has heard, we had a little snow here last week--two blizzards in one week. So, I thought I would send some pictures on to all of you in the west coast.

Check out this crazy snow drift, it actually took a few days before it melted enough to break off. This isn't pretty, but I wanted you all to see how high the snow piles are. I actually think this pictured doesn't show very clearly how much snow there is outside.

It snowed a little more today, but not even an inch really. I think I may be back at work tomorrow- after being off for the last 7 (work) days!

PS. Just a second after posting this I decided to open up the page that shows my work status, not expecting to see anything interesting. I was wrong, we have a 2 hour delayed opening. Haha.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday morning, in Narnia

at 6 am

and one hour later.

Snow overnight makes me like a kid at Christmas. I can't help but wake up early, jump out of bed and look out the window. Wednesday it was so beautiful I had to go outside and take pictures.

We're getting ready for another big one this weekend. I'm fully ready for canceled events and staying indoors. My plans are to bake, sew, knit, and enjoy the indoors.