Sunday, July 25, 2010

4 months

Lucia was like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon this month.

(This butterfly was determined to get the nectar from these flowers on our front steps. Thanks Juan for getting these awesome pictures.)

Not only was she in the sling much less (although it is still a great place to take an on the go cat nap) she is really starting to have a personality.

She has favorite toys, Buzz Lightyear...

and her kitty.

She giggles.


She makes us laugh.

She discovered her feet.

and they taste good.

And she grew.

This month she also had her first plane ride. OK, make that 4 in 2 days. She met her great Oma, her Uncles "Cereal" and Vic and Auntie Megs, and oldest cousin Sam in her first trip to California.