Saturday, July 25, 2009


It seems to be the height of the summer produce season.  Here's a few picture of a few of the goods coming out of our garden.
  Radishes from earlier in the year.

Here are the beans.  Seriously, that was the total of the green beans.  The purple beans weren't ready to pick yet, so there are a few more still on the plants. That was the first of the zucchini, there have been a few more since then.  I think that will be the most productive of our plants. 

These are the beets.  Good thing we like beet greens, because the beets themselves were kinda small.  

Next year, better soil. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Bloomin' Garden

My goal this year was to have squash blossoms from my garden, it looks like we'll have some of those and a few more.

These squash blossoms really got my imagination going.   No, I wasn't thinking about stuffing them and frying them.  I thought these first two looked like two ballet dancers, backstage.

And this one, the long fingers of an old lady in a monster movie.