Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recalling Warmth

We're here warm in our house, but snowbound today... and it's great. So far it has snowed at least 18 inches. And we have spent the day wrapping gifts, walking the dog, making pizza and bread, playing music and just enjoying our home.

I thought today was perfect for posting a few pictures of our adventures last month in Puerto Rico. When we left it was fall, when we came back it was winter.

Day 1, we arrived.

Day 2, a visit to the rain forest. It was truly magnificent.

Day 2, in the afternoon. We went to San Juan and toured the forts.

Day 3, we enjoyed the pool and the beach. Juan got a little homework done (it was unavoidable) and we iguana watched.

Day 4, the island of Culebra. To get there we had to take a ferry ride (about an hour and a half away). Once there we walked about 20 minutes and got to a pretty deserted beach with a coral reef. We did a little snorkeling and a lot of laying down.

Day 5. Resting. We spent the whole day resting, it was wonderful.

Day 6, we met up with Creation, who we met the night before. He made us this really beautiful sculpture out of a coconut. It's for the babe.

Then we went back into San Juan for a little more touring.

and then we came home.

Meanwhile, the snow just keeps falling, doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon. I think our car might disappear soon.

Enjoy warmth wherever you can find it.