Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More baby pictures

Here are some more pictures of the little one.   This little, 7.3 cm creator inside me is what has been making me feel so queasy and tired lately. (Or as my coworker put it, no wonder I've looked so peaked lately.)  Not to mention, huge!  Everyone keeps telling me it will get better now that I'm going into the second trimester, I hope their right!  I'm ready to get some energy back so I can start making things!

Here for your viewing pleasure, are some more pictures:
I like this one because you can see the face better--check out that little nose.  I hope s/he gets Juan's nose!

And here s/he is facing forward.  You can see the hands and feet.  It was amazing, during the sonogram we could see the fingers move!

This one is the hardest to make out, but baby is facing down here.  You can see the spine along the back and the size of the head compare to the rest of the body.  Isn't it so incredible?  It's all there, just really really small.

Thanks for all of the congratulations!  We're so excited and we'll keep posting updates as they come.