Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Lucia is obsessed with them, she has been for months. She excitedly points out a baby anytime she spots a car seat or stroller. And to the delight of many strangers, she’s often carrying around a mini Corolle doll, her “baby”.

In September, Lucia and I were in Barnes and Noble and came across what would soon become her favorite book, Everywhere Babies. She loves this book. Whenever we read books it’s one of the first she asks to read. She has also identified people she knows in the book. Papa is on one page and Arianna and Russell (from daycare) can be found on another. And recently when we’ve reached the last page she’ll say the last line before I can read it out.

And her favorite song. Sigh. Elizabeth Mitchell’s “Who’s My Pretty Baby”, or “the baby song” as we know it. It really is a lovely song, but have to listen to it all the way to work and back, 30 minutes each way can get a little old. And now that Juan knows the song on the guitar, there’s no stopping her at home either.

With all of this obsession I knew she would love the movie “Babies” just as much as I did. It’s the only full length movie she’s sat through in fact. She was mesmerized.

So, I guess I should be relieved, because in just a few months (5 to be exact) we’ll be bringing home to Lucia a real live baby. We’ll see if the obsession can survive the truth of what it means to have a baby.


Libby A. said...

Yyyayaaaaayayay big sister Lucia! So glad you updated the blog! :) I love the new baby already :). Sending you all love!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for you all! A boy or girl? Lovely news.